3rd Charity Walk supports SOS for Pets

  • 12. 11. 2018
  • Kristina Sabakova
3rd Charity Walk supports SOS for Pets
Saturday 20th October was dedicated to 3rd Dixons Charity walk. 45 colleagues, partners and friends and 5 dogs met in the morning in Vranov to underwent nearly 25 kilometers walk. Weather was perfect, scenery beautiful and the atmosphere great. But this event was not only a pleasurable way how to spent your Saturday, but also a way how to raise money for a good thing. We have managed to raise 5.200 CZK that were donated to the organization SOS for Pets.

Our colleague Adéla is a member of this organization and we have spoken to her about their activities.

SOS for Pets is an organization set up 6 years ago and works on purely volunteering base. The main aim is to help to animals that are mistreated – especially in illegal breeding farms or illegal cross-border transfers. Organization is doing a lot of investigation, cooperating with lawyers, police and media. They do not own any animal shelter. After rescuing the animals, they are responsible for finding them an interim and afterward a permanent care and transporting them there. SOS for Pets is also supporting financially individuals who provide interim care to the rescued animals – pay for their food and medical care. The money we have donated will be used exactly for this purpose.

If you would like to help more, you can contact the organization and provide an interim care for the animal. You don’t need any special training, just the good heart and time to provide loving care for an animal that can be in a bad physical and mental condition. The time of this temporary care is usually from a few weeks until few months.

If you would like to know more about the organization, do not hesitate and visit their FB profile or you can contact directly Adéla and she will be happy to provide you more information (adela.lizalova@dixonscarphone.com).