Bike to work 2018

  • 20. 06. 2018
  • Zuzana Odstrcilikova
Bike to work 2018
During the whole May, Dixons employees participated on a great event “Bike to work” (Do práce na kole - Auto*Mat). Dixons sponsored 40 participants which biked, run, walked or rolled to and from work. Today we have had an official ending of this event and we rewarded the best participants in 6 different challenges.
- the best performer rode 949,1 km,
- team with the best performance rode 349,6 km on average per one person,
- participant with the highest endurance rode 100 % routes,
- team with the highest endurance rode also 100 % routes
- the absolute winner in both performance and endurance rode 726,8 km in 100 % routes.
And together we rode, run, walked or rolled 7306 km what is totally impressive. Big thanks to all participants and we will definitely compete next year again

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