Dixons Colleagues Help Karolínka Kyselová

  • 20. 12. 2018
  • Kristina Sabakova
Dixons Colleagues Help Karolínka Kyselová

Karolínka was born 12 years ago as a healthy baby. Unfortunately, a few months later she underwent herpetic meningitis which caused a brain damage. Together, we collected more than 20,000 CZK to help her. 

The girl suffers from a complicated health condition including problems with body posture and movement, sight, and epilepsy. Mentally she is like a 3-year-old child. She can eat on her own and play, but can be quite stubborn, too. She loves her younger sister and spending time with her above all else.

Thanks to your vote and support, we could collect 26,483 CZK during our Charity Bake-Off and Christmas Party raffle. The money will be used solely for a rehabilitation in the H in a special Thera Suit that stimulates muscles in the exact spots that Karolínka needs. This therapy is very effective, however quite expensive and not paid by health insurance. The family expects that the body posture and movement of Karolínk should be improved—to become more stable and confident (at the moment she prefers to walk holding someone’s hand for more stability).

We are happy we could contribute to helping Karolínka’s life!