Helping Lukášek!

  • 13. 02. 2019
  • Kristina Sabakova
Helping Lukášek!

Lukášek is nearly 4-years old boy, who loves his parents and cousin Petr, who is our Dixons colleague. He is curious and loves cartoons and songs. Unfortunately, Lukášek has also serious health problems – his brain was damaged at a very young age which resulted 2 years ago in an operation, where half of his brain had to be cut off. After that, his parents started a long and difficult journey to his improvement. They have spent tremendous time, energy and money on his rehabilitation, and after each stay in a rehabilitation center, they could see an improvement. Lukášek started to move and use his hands. At the moment, they are planning another stay in a specialized clinic in Ostrava to help him stand on his feet. Their daily rehabilitation routines at home will be now improved as they have bought special equipment called ‘Spider’. This is a cage with a system of bails that enable him to train only the muscles needed. Thanks to the contribution of 36.987 CZK from our coffee, the family can ensure a 3-week stay in the rehabilitation center in June and they are looking forward to the next progress Lukášek will make. The time plays against them – what he won’t learn until 10 years of age, he probably won’t be able to learn later, so they are trying to squeeze in everything they can into the limited slot. We are wishing them all the luck!

Our colleague Petr, who proposed to support Lukášek with Lukášek and his family:

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