Our Coffee Helps Matyas

  • 23. 11. 2018
  • Kristina Sabakova
Our Coffee Helps Matyas
Our coffee helps Matyas and his mum after fight with cancer! When we wrote about Matyas for the first time, he was diagnosed with leukaemia. At the time, he was in a hospital with him mum Alena, undergoing one of the 5 blocks of chemotherapy and waiting for a donor of bone marrow.

In the meantime, all Dixons colleagues drank a lot of coffee in our Social zone and 5 CZK for each cup was donated to help this family. As Alena is a single mum, she had to leave her job to stay with Maty in the hospital and she was struggling to cover all their daily needs. 3 months later we have only the good news for you. We have managed to raise 37.870 CZK for their support.

The donor of bone marrow was successfully found in London and Maty underwent a transplantation which went well. He will be celebrating his 3rd birthday soon, he is back at home with his mum and all the tests are indicating he is on a speedway to full recovery. His mum Alena is very happy that everything went so well, but the battle is not over yet. Due to Maty’s diminished immunity system (done so his body would accept the transplant), they have to be very careful about their home environment. Maty is on a special diet (everything needs to be cooked or baked thoroughly) and their home has to be as clean as possible—any viruses or infection could have devastating impact on his body.

The estimated time of full recovery is not for another 3 years so during this time, they must be very strict about their regime. The money we have donated will be used for improving their home equipment and cover Maty’s daily needs. Now they are looking forward to Christmas together. Maty loves cars and helicopters so he will definitely find some under the Christmas tree. During the whole year full of doctor appointments, uncertainty, and fear, he was brave, positive, and the biggest support for his mum Alena.

If you want to know more about Maty, do not hesitate and follow their FB page Pribeh Matyaska Albrechta.


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