St. Nicolas Day & Charity Bake off

  • 07. 12. 2018
  • Kristina Sabakova
St. Nicolas Day & Charity Bake off

Yesterday, our office was visited by many dear guests. Not only St. Nicolas and his crew of angel and demons giving sweets to colleagues, but many of our colleagues on maternity leave. They have arrived with their younglings for a St. Nicolas day programme, but also to meet, greet and catch up.

It was also a time of our traditional Charity Bake-off. There are many skilled bakers in Dixons, who don't mind to dedicate their skills, energy, and ingredients and bake something delicious for charitable purposes. This year all the cakes disappeared in no time and we have gained 8.043 CZK that will be donated to a brave little girl with severe health problems. Thank you for your support!

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