Centre of Excellence Opened for Recruitment Agencies

  • 2019-10-02
  • Kristina Sabakova
Centre of Excellence Opened for Recruitment Agencies

The situation on the current labour market is very challenging—the unemployment rate is the lowest in the history of the Czech Republic and it is more and more difficult to find suitable candidates even for our skilled colleagues from Recruitment Team.

The most critical situation is in the area of IT; therefore, we are using the services of personal agencies to help us out. But how to set up great cooperation and engagement with agencies which are working with dozens of other companies? How to show them what candidates fit our company culture and what makes us employer of choice? Well, just show them!

Therefore, our Recruitment team have organized the Open Day for Agencies. Representatives from all the agencies we are working with were invited to our office to get to know us better, understand what we are working on, what are our values and strengths, so they can recommend the candidates which are a great fit for us.

The programme of the day included detailed presentations about the Centre of Excellence as well as our IT and T&D. The representatives were walked around the office. On the terrace, enjoying the view along with a piece of cake and a cup of coffee, the participants had a chance to talk directly to the recruiters and build personal relationships. It always helps when you are not just a name from an e-mail, but you have a personal connection with your business partner.

The event went well, we have a very positive feedback from both recruiters as well as agency representatives and we hope it will help us in our recruitment process.

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