Dixons Carphone CoE helping to prevent bullying in schools.

  • 2019-11-20
  • Kristina Sabakova
Dixons Carphone CoE helping to prevent bullying in schools.

We are happy to support a project Don’t let it be! Nenech to být by 4,850 CZK—gains from Dixons Magical Halloween. This project was set up by 3 high—school friends 3 years ago. Young men were active in the area of developing web applications and pages and wanted to create something with a deeper purpose. They had experience with school—bullying either personally or in their close family or friend group. Guys have realized that in many cases, the majority of kids are not ok with bullying, but they are unsure what to do or scared to interfere as not to expose themselves as a new bullying target. Hence, young men have decided to create a web page, where anyone (whether it is a school mate, kid herself/himself or a worried parent) can send a notification to a registered school. In each registered school there is a selected responsible person receiving notifications and can even be advised by ‘Nenech to byt’ as to how to solve the situation. Originally, they haven’t expected the extent of the project, but they received a huge positive response. The system is very simple and even 7—year old kid can use it. There is also a big interest from the side of schools who are willing to solve bullying but were missing the right notification tool. In the first week of functioning 100 schools registered. At the moment, more than 1,700 Schools in the Czech Republic are registered and more and more are coming in. The project doesn’t have only national character, at the moment it is working in 5 other countries and planning expansion into 10 more.

The money donated by Centre of Excellence will be used for a further spreading of the programme among Czech schoolers via meeting them personally in different festivals and events and printing posters for the schools.