Dixons Carphone CoE supporting Adámek

  • 2019-12-18
  • Kristina Sabakova
Dixons Carphone CoE supporting Adámek

Adámek is an 8-year-old boy whose brain got severely damaged after a common tonsils operation 2 years ago. Unexpected complication caused that from a vivid healthy boy, he changed into a child unable to move or talk, solely depending on the care of his parents. As you can imagine, this has turned the life of the whole family (Adámek has one younger brother) upside down. Both parents were working, but now, the needs of Adámek caused extreme financial costs. They have to relocate and equip the new house with the technic that will help them to take care of the boy who is big, but unable to move on his own. They also need a wheelchair and a special car to be able to transport Adámek to doctors appointments and rehabilitation. A lot of money is given to rehabilitations in special centre in Piešťany, Slovakia (as there is no similar therapy—neurorehabilitation for severe cases like his in the Czech Republic), where they can see the concrete progress. But there are not only big things the parents have to buy, but many little ones used on daily basis. Adámek is fed via leading-in tube, which need to be changed regularly, there are medicines, rehabilitation tolls and much more.

Dixons Carphone CoE has contributed from the 3—months coffee collection 32,966 CZK that will help the family to cover the costs for Adámek. The whole family wanted to express gratitude to all the Dixons colleagues for their support. Thank you!