How can coaching and mentoring help you in your career?

  • 2019-02-27
  • Kristina Sabakova
How can coaching and mentoring help you in your career?

Coaching and mentoring are powerful tools how can you develop yourself, improve your performance and become the person you want to be. But what is the difference?

The main difference is that the coach will never tell you what to do. He/she will navigate you via the right questions to find the answers yourself. On the other hand, a mentor can share his/her advice, experience or constructive feedback. A mentor can be also seen as expert friend or protector – he/she can help give you a task, push you out of your comfort zone for the sake of your professional development.

In Dixons Carphone CoE we offer both of the programmes for our colleagues. We have 2 internal certified coaches who are holding regular sessions. 10 of our managers underwent training to become mentors and each of them offers mentoring to 2-3 mentees. We have started with both programmes 2 years ago and we can see very positive feedback from the colleagues who had the opportunity to take part in it in the past. We have just organized a session to present possibilities of coaching and mentoring, to explain the differences between the two, meet our coaches in person and find out more about specializations of the mentors, so the colleagues can decide for the right one for themselves.

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