Steps to the Stones Challenge

  • 2019-07-17
  • Kristina Sabakova
Steps to the Stones Challenge

Dixons Carphone Race to the Stones is one of the most prestigious ultramarathons in the UK, leading along the oldest path in Britain. It’s an event for the public, however, every year, many of our Brittish colleagues take part in it. To engage Dixons colleagues all around the world, this year there has been also a virtual version organized: Steps to the Stones Challenge! Our aim was to take 150.000 steps in 14 days. We could not only challenge ourselves but also bring steps in for the Czech Republic and try to beat other Dixons countries—UK&I, Ireland, Portugal, Nordics, Greece, and Hong Kong. Along the way, there have been interesting prizes to be won for achieving a certain amount of steps or other creative tasks (e.g. sending a picture from the challenge or a motivational message for the other participants).

Overall, 1.085 colleagues took place in the challenge, 70 of whom were from CoE Brno. Our most successful colleague was Filip, who finished in 17th place with great 358.717 steps in 14 days. Congratulations! Thanks to joined forces of all the Brno colleagues, Czech republic finished on beautiful 2nd place (after Portugal) with an average of 141.576 steps (which means that on average, nearly everyone who joined the challenge from Brno has fulfilled it). A total winner was our UK colleague Richard with over 731.000 steps. Wow! We hope this virtual challenge made you put some extra steps into your daily regime and brought a bit of fun and competition.

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