Supporting Jirka

  • 2020-01-15
  • Kristina Sabakova
Supporting Jirka

Dixons St. Nicolas Day Bake—off took place on 4th December and Dixons colleagues brought many delicious and beautiful cakes. The financial gains from the event were at the end 10,382 CZK and we suppose you are wondering what happened with them.

We are happy to confirm that money supported Jirka, a 37-year-old guy, huge Hockey (specifically Kometa Brno) fan and a client of Wheelchair League. Jirka is using services of personal assistance of Wheelchair league as his state is getting worse, and he needs help with most of the daily activities (take him from bed to the wheelchair, feeding, personal hygiene). He is paying for all the services himself, but as his state is progressive, financial costs are getting higher and impossible to pay from his disability pension. Our contribution helped him to cover the costs for the next period. Jirka wanted to greet all the Dixons colleagues and thank them for their contribution which will make his life a bit easier.

In the picture is Jirka with his assistants Mirka and Verca.

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