Leadership Conference 2019

  • 30. 10. 2019
  • Kristina Sabakova
Leadership Conference 2019

Group of Dixons Managers and Team Leaders had the opportunity to take part in the conference Leadership organized by Growjob. Every year, the conference brings inspirational speakers from business, non-for-profit as well as government areas and they share their personal stories and knowledge gained throughout their interesting careers. Every year it is very intense and encouraging experience, but this year, it was really extraordinary. There was not a single speaker that could be marked as weaker and there were many strong, remarkable and emotional moments throughout the night.

When we asked our colleagues to share one most important thing and top speaker from the event, it was hard to find agreement. This is a clear sign that everyone can find in the conference something speaking directly to his or her heart. However, most of them confirmed that it was really very special to listen to Mr. Kiska, former president of the Slovak Republic. His main topic was ‘Humility’ and this main theme then resonated in several other speeches. Whatever we do, whatever success we achieve, we need to remember to stay humble.

From the business area, very inspiration was Mrs. Kijonkova, founder of Zasilkovna who shared her main principles of success, that are possible to set up nearly in any business. Build up your teams from better people than you are, work on your personal development constantly and help to the others are just a few to mention.

We can’t miss mentioning Mr. Pavel, general in chief of Czech Army, former chairman of Military Committee of NATO speaking about leadership, very emotional speech of Dr. Sterba, director of children oncology hospital in Brno or Mrs. Slovakova, director of prison in Kurim.

We believe every participant left enriched by wisdom of these extraordinary speakers and will be able to use part of their knowledge in their both personal and professional life.