HRSSC Administration

We provide HR services for our colleagues in the UK

As a team located in Brno, we remotely provide HR services for 40.000 of our colleagues in the UK. We are responsible for all their administration, making sure they are ready for starting dates, inductions, promotions, and that all their data are correct and up-to-date. As a team, we have a great team spirit. We always celebrate our birthdays together in the office, have regular team breakfasts (we love home-made cakes), enjoy BBQs, pub quizzes, laser games, and many other activities.

Our Office

Located in the centre of Brno, the CoE is well-situated, well-equipped, and very pleasant to work at.

Work for us!

How we are working

We enjoy good fun, good food and all our highs and lows together. Our team is big, especially during our peak season, but we have great team spirit which makes it really easy to fit in. With our flexible working hours, we enable colleagues to organize their work and personal life according to their preference.