We do make customers happy by solving transportation issues

In case you will miss your ordered dishwasher we are the superheroes who will solve your problem! Cooperating closely with our Nordic suppliers, internal customers and across all the Logistics and CoE teams. Everyone of us is keen to understand how the whole end-to-end process works. Cooperation is a key aspect of our work which is visible in the activities outside of our office as well. We love to take part in company events like BBQ and support charities.

Our Office

Located in the centre of Brno, the CoE is well-situated, well-equipped, and very pleasant to work at.

Work for us!

Week with Control Tower Team

The work responsibilities are quite diverse and ever-changing. We are “the core” of the supply chain, therefore, all entities are contacting us when they need our help. And who are the partner we are dealing with on daily basis? Warehouses, hubs, stores and customer service agents from all over the Nordic countries. And you don´t need to be a logistics professional from the scratch. We will support your first steps.