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JavaScript Developer - Inspiration Team

Multicultural development team working on a SOA e-commerce platform serving as a basis for one of the most popular online shops with electronics in the UK – Currys and PC World. The platform handles more than 7,000,000 unique visitors per day and processes 8 orders per second during the peak season.We are continuously improving the platform and looking for new challenges. Currently we are working on complete automation of checkout process, we focus on test automation improvements and we are preparing for the next steps in continuous integration. We are agile with the vision of becoming a multichannel leader on the EU market.Currently we are looking for an experienced JavaScript Developer to join our Inspiration team. The Inspiration team, based both in Brno and London, comprises the roles of Product Owner, Technical Lead, Scrum Master, Front & Back Developers, UI Designer, Digital Copywriter and UX Architect. We are committed to elevate the agile concepts and values in Dixons Carphone Group and deliver the best omnichannel customer experience possible.Our team plays a significant role in developing the foundation solutions enabling other teams to manage and deliver their solutions easier & faster. Our team contribution is provided through a shared UI library, unified administration system, WYSIWYG page editor, quickstarts for micro services, micro frontends, etc.And what technologies do we work with? TypeScript is our choice number one! On backend, it is good old Express and a newer framework NestJS. We are building RESTful APIs and newly preferred GraphQL APIs (code-first approach) in NestJS. On front office, we use React with server-side rendering where we utilise Next.js as well as our own solution. Micro frontends is our next big thing, we are building custom tooling allowing us to build smaller frontend applications with ease (Next.js -like developer experience) and put them together in the container application (also using our toolkit and EJS templating language). Common data storage in Dixons is Oracle DB and we are connecting to it via Knex library.