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Vendor Compliance Specialist Support

We are looking for a Vendor Compliance Specialist for our Finance department, this specialist will be integral part of our Group Money Laundering Prevention Team, supporting us to meet all legislative requirements. You will be responsible for conducting Due diligence (KYC) on all Vendors and Business Customers Prior to them being Onboarded (Account set up) and the continual Monitoring of those accounts. You will use dedicated software to conduct searches on Companies and their senior personnel maintaining a full audit trail as laid out within the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). You will Conduct Quarterly Transaction audits and annual Ethical Declarations as directed by the Senior Vendor Compliance Specialist. You will communicate with all internal & external stakeholders Daily as required, the role is varied and critical to us Meeting our Money Laundering and Ethical legislative Requirements.What are dimensions of this role? Responsible for Conducting Know your Customer (KYC) Searches and the continual monitoring of all Approved (Onboarded) Vendors & Business customers as defined within SLA’s for the group.The reporting of High & Medium Risk Alerts (continual monitoring) to relevant Stakeholders Yearly Refresh of KYC for all High-Risk Vendors & Business Customers (Counterparties) as defined.Responsible for Delivering the Yearly Ethical Compliance survey to all group employees.Conduct ad hoc Screening of Senior Personnel within Group to meet Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) obligations as required by the senior Compliance Specialist.Support for Group Compliance Manager, Colleagues and Customers.Cover Senior Vendor Compliance Specialist during holidays and absences